name : Jillien Bianca Reroma de Veyra

nickname : Jillien, Bianca, Jill.

address : 42 Arellano St.,Tacloban City


cell no. : 09298605187

pone no. : 5234157

birthday : November 29,1998

school : Liceo del Verbo Divino

zodiac sign : Sagittarius

hobbies : playing, surfing the net, swimming and making artworks.

movie : high school musical, harry potter and twilight.

shows : studio 23 shows and from cartoon network.

sports : swimming

adored celebrities : stars from HSM and hannah montana

fave food : spaghetti, burger, jollibee foods, mcdo foods and greenwich foods..hehe

magazines : total girl

fave colors : pink and sky blue

cologne : bubble gum by baby bench

gear : mini skirts and bottom, cool tops, sandals, flipflops.

pet : hamster, (i named her Jade)

motto : aim high and hit the mark

best friends : timothy and britney

close friends :angel, hannah g., britney and jobelle

ambition : to become a veterinarian someday.

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